Building a Website with WordPress as Content Management System

I am setting this website up as an example on how to use WordPress as a Content Managment System, and will be posting about the things I find and work with.

The Site will have three Silos to work with:

WordPress Setup:
The Configuration settings to use WordPress as a Content Management System with a static Frontpage

WordPress Plugins:
An overview and Manuals on how to use the Plugins that complete the CMS part of WordPress and makes it easier to work with.
You will also get some tips on Plugins you can use to further Optimize your site for Search Engines.

WordPress Themes:
Some themes just work better for Building a Website with WordPress, you can read about them here with tips and trics how to use and improve them to suite your needs.

Enjoy the ride ride with me and scubscribe to the RSS Feed or the E-mail version.

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Start Your Own WordPress Website

To get started you need: 3. Configure your WordPress settings and plugins and start writing...


  1. So in your site the Main Menu shows your “Pages” I am guessing and your “Weblog Posts” are “Posts”


  2. @Rick: yes that is correct and since you can chance the title of any widget you want to use you can name them any way you want.

    You could name the pages “Pages” and the Blog posts “Articles”.

    I liked to make it more CMS like so I went for “Main Menu”

  3. Looks like a good advice for building websites with wordpress contents!

  4. Rohit Mishra says

    I am deciding to create a website with minimum 5000 static pages but it takes too long please help me how i should cretate in wordpress i have my design ready

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