WordPress 3.4 Green Release

If you login to your WordPress website you will see a notice about the new WordPress 3.4 release. If you want to start a new WordPress website, this release is the new stable version.There are several great improvements in this release, like the theme preview function.With this option, you can check how your website would look with a new theme, and you can change configuration options … [Read more...]

Upgrading WordPress The Easy Way

WordPress core versions are released on a regular base, with security upgrades in between if needed.You want to upgrade as soon as possible, and as of WordPress version 3.7 automatic background updates for security releases is introduced.If you want more controle, or even get the newest Core, Plugins and Themes updated automatically? What is the easiest way to do that?To help take … [Read more...]

Moving a WordPress Site to a New Host and Domain – WpSiteBuilding.com

I decided to move this WordPress website from the "old" subdomain (www.hummerbie.com) to a new domain and hosting company.The main reason I moved is because I was unhappy with the hosting provider of the main site. Recently they moved to faster servers and a better internet backbone, but after moving there are still ongoing issues with some of the other sites that run there.The second … [Read more...]

Finding the Right WordPress Pages Ordering Plugin

Running a WordPress Based website produces a Lot of Pages. But WordPress does not allow you to assign Pages to Categories, But this might be a great function to reduce the number of Links in your Page Menu. So currently I am looking at the new Plugins from Andy Staines who creates some great Plugins like the "Page Category Plus" Once I figured out how to use it, you will find the … [Read more...]

Building a Website with WordPress as Content Management System

I am setting this website up as an example on how to use WordPress as a Content Managment System, and will be posting about the things I find and work with. The Site will have three Silos to work with: WordPress Setup: The Configuration settings to use WordPress as a Content Management System with a static Frontpage WordPress Plugins: An overview and Manuals on how to use the Plugins … [Read more...]