Spice Up Your Site With WordPress Shortcodes Ultimate

Even with the best WordPress Theme your site could still look pretty dull...Large pieces of text about your products and or services do not look very inviting to your visitors to read through. But how can you change all that and make your content more "scan-able"? Shortcodes Ultimate Shortcodes Ultimate plugin could be plugin that you need to rescue you as well as your readers.What … [Read more...]

Keeping WordPress Up To Date and Secure

After you installed your new WordPress website you need to make sure you keep it up-to-date and optimized. An up-to-date WordPress website is better protected against hacking attempts and runs better with fewer errors.Optimizing your WordPress website goes beyond keeping it up-to-date with the most recent version of the core files and plugins. You need to optimize your database as well … [Read more...]

20 Basic WordPress Plugins for Your WordPress Website

A couple of years ago I wrote a list of 20 basic WordPress plugins and how you can install them on a new WordPress website in 5 minutes.Here is a complete explanation of that list and what each plugin is used for. The Basic WordPress Plugins List BackWPup This plugin can create a database back-up, back-up your files, optimize your database and store in somewhere in the cloud for … [Read more...]

WordPress Social Share Buttons and Follow Me Widget

Using social share buttons in WordPress is almost a must have for search engine optimization and getting traffic for your website.Having a quick and easy way for your visitors to follow you on these social networks like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Google+  is just as important.I have used several plugins to get this working and most of them do a great job. AA's Digg Digg … [Read more...]

Secure Your WordPress Website with Wordfence

Even though some people will tell you that WordPress is insecure, you should know that the core of WordPress is one of the most secure open source content management systems there is today.Even the latest hack attempts were not targeted to the software itself. It was an attack by sending brute-force password hack attempts for default users names and weak passwords. So make sure you don't … [Read more...]

Block WordPress Comment Spam

There is one things that most new WordPress users want to do after few days: Block WordPress Comment Spam You will understand after your site has been running for a couple of days.Comment spam is a black-hat tactic to getting back-links to a website. Most of those fake comments are done via spam-bots (small programs) that inject comments into the comment field of your blog articles. … [Read more...]

How to Install 21 WordPress Plugins in 5 Minutes

Once you have completed the basic setup of your WordPress website, it's time to add more functions by installing plugins.Here is a basic list of plugins that I integrate into every WordPress website I build.Update: Since I wrote this post in 2010 several plugins have changed or have been surpassed by newer better plugins. That is why I created this new list (in alphabetical … [Read more...]