How To Upgrade Old Version of WordPress

One thing I see in common with users who have a static WordPress website is that they don’t update and upgrade it on a regular base. Most of you don't know how to upgrade an old version of WordPress.Note: Update means small changes like Security updates. Upgrade means that there are new functions and possibilities in the new version.Now that you ended up with an older insecure version … [Read more...]

Which Sidebar Widgets to Use in Your WordPress Site

One of the main ways for your visitor to navigate through your website is the Sidebar.In the sidebar of your WordPress layout, you can place a lot of widgets.However, what you really need in there are the things that will help your visitor to get a clear image about the topic your website is about.Besides that it should show them how they can find what they are  looking … [Read more...]

How To Set Up and Use WordPress Menus

The recent versions of WordPress offer you the new Custom WordPress Menus function to set up a navigation menu. The Menus can be created with pages and categories, and include hyperlinks. You can also sort them any way you want.These new WordPress menus are very flexible and are especially useful if you want to create a static website. You can have different custom menus to show different … [Read more...]

How To Speed Up WordPress on Your Website the Easy Way

Sooner or later every WordPress blog or website owner wants to know how to speed up WordPress. A well performing website is good for users and for  search engine rankings. So lets look at what you can do about it.The more you post on your WordPress website the bigger your database grows. And the more plugins you install and uninstall your database gets bloated with uncleared settings from … [Read more...]

How to Secure Your WordPress Website – The Basics

In my book review WordPress 3 for Business Bloggers I told you that I missed one piece of content, which was options to secure your WordPress website, and that I would give you some tips on how to secure your WordPress website.WordPress is a very popular Content Management System and as such is always under attack by hackers and crackers.Most of the hack attempts are not focused on … [Read more...]

Book Review of WordPress 3 for Business Bloggers

Packt Publishers is very good when it comes to identifying great topics for their business and finding people who can write in a clear and simple way. In this new book WordPress 3 for Business Bloggers by Paul Thewlis bring you the knowledge to start the process of blogging for any purpose, not just business.Here is a short overview of the chapters so you can see what is covered in this … [Read more...]

From Static HTML to WordPress Website

This is a question I get on a regular base: How can I convert my Static HTML to WordPress based website?Let me give you a warning in advance, a WordPress website needs to be kept updated! A static HTML site can run for years without you ever touching it for things like security updates or new versions. Just to make you aware of the need for updates!Another thing that needs really … [Read more...]