WordPress Introduction

WordPress is a free open-source software that you can download from WordPress.org.

Most people will tell you that WordPress is for blogging, which is true, but that’s not the only way you can use it.

A WordPress Introduction and Tutorials

A WordPress Introduction and Tutorials

For me, WordPress is not only the best blogging tool you can get for free, but it can also be used to build lightning fast websites.

WordPress functionality can be greatly extended by using plugins, which are little programs that can help you with specific functions like special comments forms or improvements for your search engine ranking.  I will show you why you need some of these plugins and how to use them.

A WordPress Introduction to Themes

Theming WordPress means you can very easily get a different look and feel for your blog or website.  There are lots of WordPress themes available for free and, of course, some available for purchase.

I will show you what to look for in a theme and how you can tweak it to get those functions you really want into the code for an overall better performance.

A WordPress Introduction to Blogging

The main portion of this site will focus on showing you how to use WordPress to write posts (time dated articles) and pages, and take you through some settings to really get the most out of your installation.

If you are completely new to this blogging thing, you could start out with a free account at www.wordpress.com and try the back-end of this software for free. A free account can guide you and give you a good WordPress introduction to start with.

P.S.  If you are more into video instructions, you could check out WordPressTutorials.com which offers a decently priced membership-based website with lots of informational videos.