How To Include a Youtube Video in WordPress

Including a video in WordPress can be done in several different ways, with or without plugins.

My favorite way is do to it is without any plugins by adding the special inclusion code from Youtube itself.

YouTube WordPress Plugins

But for those of you that don’t want anything to do with HTML codings, here a four af the best Youtube Plugins:

If you want simple, use one of the last two, want more options choose TubePress Pro (25 Dollar for One Year) with which you can create video gallery’s.

Smart Youtube might be the smart choice of you are going to embed more video’s in you blog postings.

Including YouTube HTML Coding

Like I said, I prefer to just included the HTML coding because I have very few video’s in my posts and I don’t want another plugin to slowdown the site.

When you see a Youtube video you want to include, look for the Share button below the video.

youtube share button

Not all video’s can be embedded, sometimes they are exlcuded because of copyrights.

If you can share it you will see the following code that you can copy and past into your post and as you can see this is enough for your WordPress website. For me it works just by pasting the code (WordPress 3.2.1).

You can use the same code for inclusion with a plugin like the above mentioned ones, but if you want the inclusing code, use the embed button.

embed a youtube video

What you don’t want is the standard format unless your theme content size is just right…. for me it never is :-).

But you can easily change to the format you want by just setting the width you need and other options you want to set like the use of High Definition (HD).

youtube embedding code and size setting

Once you set the size, copy the code from the top box and save it in notepad or past it right into your post. Attention! before you paste it into you post, first switch to the HTML input screen!

In the HTML screen you can post the code right were you want the video to show.

Hope this will help you to live up you blog. Make sure you listen to some of the video’s that you see here!

Enjoy this beautiful  music before you get back to working on you WordPress site, Adele is one of the best singers at this moment!

Here are two of my other all time favourite video’s…

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  1. nirajan nirakar says

    im new user… wordpress WordPress 3.2.1. Twenty Eleven -total page arrange ? ple tell simple …am poor in code html.css so
    thank you

  2. Genesis (aff) is a good theme and I am using this on my site. But, there is no inbuilt provision for adding a multimedia box like Thesis theme has. Or have I missed something. I am looking for a good youtube gallery plugin. Would love, if someone suggests one. Anyway thanks for the post. and thanks for suggesting the four plugins.

  3. I made one myself: feel free to check it out!
    Enhanced YouTube Shortcode

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