An Easy Way to Install a WordPress Website

There are several ways to install a WordPress website; You can do it manually via Database Creation and FTP file upload or via a Fanastico script. You can use Quickinstall at HostGator (aff) and some hosting (aff) companies will offer Installatron to do the job for you.

All of these options are good, for the manual installation you do have to dive into the technical side of things and with the scripting jobs, mentioned above, you leave some security settings open for hackers. So for me the manual process always worked best.

Until this one website hosting (aff) provider, (aff) offered a new script for WordPress, and other systems like Joomla, an installation script called Softaculous App Installer. See the screen below. Click to enlarge.

Cpanel With Softaculous

This installation script offers you every possible option that you might want to control, and change, in the easiest way you can imagine.
Once you click on the WordPress button you get the next screen with info about the program and the version you are about to install.

WordPress Installation Step One


Now click on the top button that says Install and this Software Setup screen opens. I will take you through the different options and what you should select and change.

WordPress Software Set Up Step Two


Software Setup
Choose Protocol: You can choose between several options, but normally you can set it to http://www. if you want that in front of your domain (aff) name, or choose http:// to go without.
Choose a domain (aff): If you only got one domain name you don’t have a choice, if you got more domain names make sure you select the right one from the drop down menu.
In directory: You can use a sub folder name were you want the installation to be done. You can still use your direct domain with a few corrections afterwards, or just leave it blank for a standard installation.
Database name: You can keep the suggestion or change is slightly like I do, standard this comes like wp123 but I don’t like the wp part.

Database settings
Table Prefix: This you have to change, do not, I repeat, do not keep the default wp_ prefix. Since this is the WordPress standard Hackers, and Crackers will try to gain access using that prefix. Protect your site by changing it.

Site Settings
Site Name: This is what will be the name of your site and will be the Header Title of your website.
Site description: Your website’s motto, your tag line so write what your site is all about.
You can change these fields later in WordPress itself if you want or need to.

Admin Account
Admin Username: Change it!! This is your login name, and you can use anything you want here, the name itself cannot be changed that easily. Admin is the standard and again, a common entry for hackers, so change it.
Admin password: Needless to say that you should make it as hard as possible, mix up Capitals, lowercase, numbers and reading signs with a minimal length of eight characters.
Admin email: this speaks for itself, but double-check the value to make sure you get the right email address.

Choose Language:
Change Language: Only change this if you want your site in a different language than English, like Spanish or so.

WordPress Software Set Up Last Part


Before you click install put your email address in the field that says: Email installation detail to :
That way you get all the information, including the login information like username and password send to you. Just in case you forget, which happens.

All done, push Install, watch the script run for a few minutes. Now you have your WordPress website installed, and you can login to get going.

WordPress Installation Running


Wait for it to complete.

WordPress Installation Done


Now login to your new WordPress website and you should see something like this.

WordPress Software Initial Login


Now you are ready to get going, do the initial extra WordPress configuration and start posting, write pages and more.