WordPress Manual

By no means is this going to be the ultimate WordPress Manual as there is so much that WordPress can do that even the site of WordPress.org itself shows you all that is possible.

So why then this separate manual for WordPress site building? There is one simple reason for that: You need to start somewhere to learn how to use this beautifull piece of software to get the most out of it and that means learning the basics first.

You know the old saying “You have to learn to walk before you can run” and that is exactly what you will learn, the first steps in using your WordPress site.

We will go over several basic things like:

  • the difference between WordPress Posts and Pages
  • the how and why of tagging your posts
  • using excerpts in WordPress
  • using images in your posts and how to upload them
  • allowing and managing comments and pings (trackbacks)
  • and what ever comes to mind when working on the content of your WordPress website

So stay tuned for more to come…