Choose between Pages or Posts

Once you are logged in to your WordPress site you have two big options in your administration dashboard: “Write a new page” and “Write a new post“.

The thing here is that in version 2.6. of WordPress the order of those two changed, first it was the Post and then there is Page…
As WordPress is heading to a more CMS Like software the Dashboard from 2.7 and up the order has changed.

But one thing remains the choice between Pages and Posts…

It is simply a matter of knowing what to use for what purpose.

WordPress Posts

Posts are really what makes WordPress so great for Blogging, Post will be presented in a time-line.
This means that the latest post will show up first before the rest of the Blog entries.

Posts can also be attached to categories, pages can’t (unless we use a special Plugin)

In the archive pages there will be Posts that are labeled to belong to those Category or Tag.
You can also have Monthly archives and even Author Archives, but the are always in a Chronological order.

WordPress Pages

Pages are more static and that means you can use them any way you want to structure your WordPress website.
Pages are the way to go if you want to Build a Static WordPress website

Really, you need to focus on pages, as they are the static part of you website!

Pages can also be placed as a subpage to a Main page and otther pages, we will go into more details once we get started on how to structure your website.

You should install this great Plugin called My Page Order Simple Page Ordering that can help order your pages. (Update done thanks to Anna Loncar of First Site Guide

Managing page orders is with this Plugin as simple as dragging and dropping them in the correct order and then choose Sort by Order…

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