WordPress CMS Plugins

Here you will find some WordPress plugins that are really useful for using WP as a CMS.

Let’s start with some plugins that can help you unclutter your sidebar:

WordPress Fold Pages List

This nice little plugin will give you the ability to list your top pages in the sidebar, which will unfold and display the underlying pages once it is clicked.
You can use all of the parameters from WordPress sbc_list_pages() and some extras that are native to this Plugin.
Installation is simple, and to get it up and running is not that difficult. Just replace sbc_list_pages with wswwpx_fold_page_list in the sidebar.php and you are done.

One problem…. it is not yet widgetized, so if you use Widgets to build your sidebar it will not work.

WordPress My Page Order

In WordPress you can sort your pages by giving them a number that you fill in at the bottom of the page.
You can imagine how much work this is if you create a new page that has to go between existing pages…

The “My Page” order gives you a nice sorting option where you can simply drag and drop your page in the right order.
And yes, this works with sorting sub-pages as well.

WordPress Subpages sorted