WordPress Resources

Below I have listed the resources I use for building WordPress websites.

I have used these resources to build over 300 WordPress websites for myself and for customers.

Herbert-Jan van Dinther

Note, some of these links are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you sign up, or buy from that vendor. Be assured that it does not increase the price you pay for that product!

So let’s get started and take your own pick to use for your WordPress website.

Domain name registration.

If you want to have your own website, you also need a domain (aff) name…

Choosing a domain (aff) name can be easy, if you already have a product or a brand name, or if you want to start blogging under your own name. If not, make sure you have a good and easy to remember name that is also not prone to misspellings. And try to avoid things like 4u, 2get etc!

Once you are comfortable with your new domain name, check if it’s not already taken and register it via Namecheap.com. You get a good price and Using Namecheap.com it makes it a lot easier if you ever want to change hosting (aff) providers.

Best extension to take if .com, try not to settle for less! Once I started using Namecheap.com I never registered another domain name then via them. You can, and should, set the automatic renewal option so you won’t lose the domain if you missed a mail from your registrar. There Privacy WhoisGaurd is also a good option to use.

Website Hosting

I have tried a lot of hosting (aff) companies and got some good and some bad experiences. So no, not all hosting companies are the same, especially when it comes to speed and stability of their servers (which impacts on your site’s performance) and how technically savvy their support desk is.

This site was hosted on HostGator.com (aff) and the other company I currently use is Siteground.com.

Both hosting companies have a great support desk which I have used on some rare occasions. And their response times are impressive compared to other providers I have used in the past.

They also provide easy to use software installation scripts that will help you get started with a new WordPress install. That scripting option can also take care of back-ups and updates for you.

WordPress Themes

There are a lot of good quality free themes out there that you can get from the WordPress.org Theme download section.

But if you want something more, try Genesis (aff) and a child theme from StudioPress.com. This site runs on the Metro Theme and I have seen good results with it. It provides a secure code which is also fast loading. A faster website will have the potential to rank better in the Search engines.

This site runs on the Metro Theme and I have seen good results with it. It provides a secure code which is also fast loading. A faster website will have the potential to rank better in the Search engines.

Depending on what theme you choose you will get enough widgets areas and possibilities on the layout of your homepage. But no matter what theme you choose, Studiopress will give you all the information, including configuration settings, to get you started.

They also provide some free plugins that help you get even more from your site. See the plugin section on this page for more.

Other premium WordPress theme providers I use are ThemeForest and Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes give access to with their themes, including the new Divi Theme and their plugins for just one price.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins can add extra functions, widget areas, and security to your website.

Some of the plugins I use here are:

Genesis (aff) related, so no use to install these if you don’t have the Genesis Framework.

Genesis Simple Edit, which will help you to change the footer texts and links and also the meta info to be published in your article.

Genesis eNews Extended which gives you an easy to use Widget option for visitors to sign up to your email list.

Free WordPress plugins

Other plugins used on this site are:

Premium WordPress Plugins

  • WP Rocket which handles the caching of this site to improve it’s loading speed
  • WP Legal Pages if you have affiliate links on your site, like mine, this is a must-have.
  • Pretty Link Pro one of the best plugin to work with your affiliate links, reporting and cloaking included, with extra options in this pro version.